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The Three Treasures Valley, created by the Hungarian Taoist School, is an enchanting place, ideal environment for everyone who is interested in Eastern Cultures. The valley is a hiding beauty of nature, surrounded by enormous fields and forests, on the Northern Mountains of Hungary, 90 km away from Budapest.

The Three Treasures Valley, created by the ancient rules of taoist Feng Shui, is lying on 5 acre with a little lake and a 200 years old demesne house. Our retreat center offers plenty of indoor and outdoor possibilities both for individual development and group activities up to 100 people.


Practice Areas

An indoor training room, outdoor covered pavilion, tea pavilion and outdoor fields are available for individual or group activities. For meditation exercises we recommend our Taoist Meditation room.

Five Elements Meals

In the kitchen we prefer vegetarian recipes with taking care of our visitors with food intolerances. Part of the vegetables are grown in our own kitchen-garden.


Our center regularly provides space and support for different martial art groups, self-knowledge courses, meditation retreats in the following topics: Taoism, QiGong, TaiJiQuan, Healing


We are happy to share detailed information in case of any question. Feel free to contact us.

Tel.:+36 30 2492416
Email: wagnermimi at gmail.com